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With over 25 years of professional experience, our Rock Hill criminal defense attorney at Bruce Law Firm has the necessary knowledge and experience to fight for your case. As a former criminal prosecutor and now defense lawyer, he knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and can effectively craft the defense strategy most likely to succeed. Mr. Bruce takes a personalized approach to all of his cases and he prioritizes clients’ well-being throughout the legal process. 

What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

Criminal defense lawyers are responsible for defending individuals and organizations facing criminal charges. They work to protect their client’s legal rights, setting forward any evidence that could be beneficial to the case. They assess the strength of the prosecution’s case, build a strong defense strategy, acquire expert witnesses if necessary, negotiate with prosecutors on behalf of their clients, and represent them in court if needed. Criminal defense attorneys also provide emotional support during an incredibly stressful time and ensure their clients understand their legal options.

Defense lawyers can also help their clients navigate the appeals process, negotiate plea deals and even advise on post-conviction remedies, such as sealing criminal records. Because of the intricate nature of criminal law and its complex processes, it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side when facing any legal situation. A skilled defense lawyer will fight for you while protecting your rights and presenting the best possible outcome.

Local Rock Hill Resources for Criminal Defense Support

At Bruce Law Firm, we understand the unique challenges faced by residents of Rock Hill, SC, when dealing with criminal charges. Our deep-rooted connection to the community allows us to provide tailored legal support that addresses the specific needs of our clients. Rock Hill is home to several local government entities and resources that can be crucial during the legal process. For instance, the York County Courthouse and the Rock Hill School District are key institutions that may play a role in your case, especially in matters involving juvenile crimes.

One of the common pain points for Rock Hill residents is navigating the complexities of the local legal system. Whether you're dealing with charges related to DUI, drug offenses, or juvenile crimes, the stress can be overwhelming. Our firm is well-versed in the local laws and procedures, and we are committed to guiding you through every step. We know that facing criminal charges in Rock Hill can be daunting, but with our personalized approach, we aim to alleviate your concerns and work towards the best possible outcome.

By choosing Bruce Law Firm, you are selecting a team that not only understands the legal intricacies but also the local context of Rock Hill. We are here to support you, protect your rights, and help you navigate the legal system with confidence.

For experienced, personable and dedicated representation, contact us to schedule your free case consultation. 


Commonly Asked Questions

What are the consequences of juvenile crimes in Rock Hill, SC?

Juvenile crimes in Rock Hill, SC can have serious consequences, including potential fines, probation, community service, and even incarceration. It is important to seek legal representation to navigate the juvenile justice system.

Can juvenile records be sealed in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, juvenile records can potentially be sealed or expunged under certain circumstances. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney can help determine if you or your child is eligible for record sealing.

Do juvenile offenders have the same rights as adults in criminal cases?

Juvenile offenders have similar rights to adults in criminal cases, including the right to legal representation, the right to remain silent, and the right to a fair trial. However, the juvenile justice system operates differently from the adult system.

How can a criminal defense attorney help in juvenile crime cases?

A criminal defense attorney experienced in handling juvenile crime cases can provide guidance, legal representation, and support throughout the legal process. They can work to protect the rights of the juvenile and strive for the best possible outcome.

Some of the Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

Drug Crimes

South Carolina categorizes the most typical drug crimes into four basic types of charges, typically determined by the controlled substance involved and the amount or weight of the drug involved. These categories are possession, possession with intent to distribute and trafficking. When there is an allegation that someone sold a controlled substance, the typical charge is distribution. Some of the more common controlled substances involved in criminal drug charges I see in my practice include marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, crack cocaine and fentanyl.

Penalties for drug offenses in South Carolina can be harsh, particularly for subsequent drug offenses and trafficking offenses. All trafficking offenses in South Carolina carry mandatory minimum prison sentences.

If charged with a drug offense in South Carolina, it’s important to have a defense attorney that understands the drug laws and how to best advocate for the client and develop the defense strategy most likely to result in the best outcome.

Domestic Violence

In South Carolina, domestic violence involves someone causing harm or injury to a household member or threatening or attempting to cause them harm or injury. Household members include spouses, former spouses, people who have a child together, and people of the opposite sex who live together or have lived together.

The seriousness of the charge and the potential penalties of an incident of domestic violence is determined by various factors that include the extent of injury, whether an order of protection is violated, whether a child observes the incident, whether the victim is pregnant and whether the defendant has any prior convictions for domestic violence.

There are four levels of domestic violence charges. The least serious is Domestic Violence in the third degree, which is a misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $2,500.00 and/or up to 90 days in jail. Domestic Violence of a high and aggravated nature is the most serious domestic violence specific crime in South Carolina, and it is a felony, classified as a violent crime and carries up to twenty years in prison.

Gun rights can be seriously impacted for those committing acts of domestic violence.

If you or a family member has been charged with a domestic violence offense in South Carolina, it’s important to have a defense attorney that has experience handling these types of cases and knows how to best advocate for the client and select the defense strategy most likely to result in the best outcome.

Violent Crimes 

Violent crimes are most often thought of as those that involve acts of real physical violence resulting in serious injury. In South Carolina, violent crimes is a class of crimes that may or may not involve actual violence. For example, drug trafficking can be a violent crime but not involve anything more that possession of a controlled substance over a threshold amount.

Section 16-1-60, SC Code of Laws, lists those crimes defined as “violent crimes”. Under South Carolina law, a “violent crime” are those specific crimes listed in this statute that includes offenses such as murder (Section 16-3-10); attempted murder (Section 16-3-29); voluntary manslaughter (Section 16-3-50); armed robbery (Section 16-11-330(A)); attempted armed robbery (Section 16-11-330(B)); drug trafficking as defined in Section 44-53-370(e) and many others.

If a person is convicted of a "violent crime", this can affect parole eligibility, housing and privileges in the Department of Corrections and have other consequences, such as casing this person to now be subject to a serious gun charge if ever caught possessing a firearm.

Facing Criminal Charges in Rock Hill?

If you or a family member are facing criminal charges in South Carolina, do not hesitate to contact us to talk with an experienced defense lawyer immediately. From drug crimes to violent crimes, our firm can defend you against your criminal charges. It would be Mr. Bruce’s privilege to talk with you about your case at no cost for this initial consultation. Contact our firm for more information.

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