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Defending Clients Facing Violent Crime Charges in York County 

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, don’t wait to find an experienced defense lawyer. Many of these types of crimes are considered no-parole offenses, meaning a person convicted and sentenced to prison would have to serve 85% of the sentence before being eligible for release. Many violent crimes may also be classified as being “serious” or “most serious,” which if convicted, can count as a strike towards being eligible for a life sentence with future convictions of certain types of similar crimes. 

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, seek the representation of a Rock Hill violent crime attorney as soon as possible. Our team at Bruce Law Firm is committed to helping you get a dedicated representation and the best possible outcome. 

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Types of Violent Crimes We Defend Against 

Just some examples of the kinds of violent crime cases our attorney can defend you against include accusations of:

  • Armed or attempted armed robbery
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • Assault and battery that is rated as being of a “high and aggravated” nature
  • Murder or attempted murder
  • Manufacturing methamphetamine or other high-level drugs
  • Burglary in the first or second degree
  • Child abuse that results in homicide
  • Exploiting a minor sexually
  • Driving under the influence and being involved in an accident that leads to a person’s death
  • Kidnapping
  • Criminal domestic violence which has been rated as being of a “high and aggravated” nature

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What Crimes are Considered Violent Crimes in South Carolina?

Violent crimes are most often thought of as those that involve acts of real physical violence resulting in serious injury. In South Carolina, "violent Crimes" is a class of crimes that may or may not involve actual violence. For example, drug trafficking can be a violent crime but not involve more than possessing a controlled substance over a threshold amount.

Section 16-1-60, SC Code of Laws, lists those crimes as "violent crimes." Under South Carolina law, a "violent crime" are those specific crimes listed in this statute that includes offenses such as murder (Section 16-3-10); attempted murder (Section 16-3-29); voluntary manslaughter (Section 16-3-50); armed robbery (Section 16-11-330(A)); attempted armed robbery (Section 16-11-330(B)); drug trafficking as defined in Section 44-53-370(e) and many others.

If a person is convicted of a "violent crime," this can affect parole eligibility, housing, and privileges in the Department of Corrections and have other consequences.

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